AI Administrator Training

Designed and led a comprehensive workshop for AI Administrator Training, focusing on practical skills, best practices, and real-world applications to empower participants in effectively managing AI systems.

SMASH Site Visit

During our Edison Innovation Committee site visit to the Santa Monica Alternative School House, we explored innovative practices implemented by Big Picture, gaining valuable insights into their unique educational approaches.

Google App Script

Developed & implemented a custom Google App script to track student devices using a barcode scanner.

Pineapple Day

“Happy #PineappleDay JP! 🍍🎉 Celebrating a teacher-led initiative – inviting colleagues, supervisors, and administrators to observe lessons and share the joy of learning. Let’s grow and learn together! #teacherappreciation #collaboration”

Thought Leader & Presenter

Presented at Atmiya Care Charities annual International Youth Conference July 2023 held in Columbus, Ohio.
Atmiya Care Charities is a global humanitarian non-profit organization that aims to enhance the lives of today’s generation of youth. 

Technology Community – Newline Boards

Coordinated and led efforts with district technology personnel to replace existing interactive boards with Newline Boards. Furthermore, I led and collaborated with the building-level staff to create video tutorials and in-person workshops.

Technology Community – Genesis Video Training

Student information systems are integral to every teacher and administrator’s daily workflow, providing a centralized platform for managing student data, attendance, grades, and more. These systems streamline administrative tasks, enabling educators to focus on student engagement and academic success. These training videos serve as invaluable assets, offering step-by-step guidance and insights to maximize efficiency, enhance data accuracy, and empower education professionals to make the most of their student information system.