About Me

I am an accomplished Product Manager and an experienced educational leader with a deep passion for developing subscription and service-based products. With a background in educational leadership, I’ve fused my skills in product development, data-driven analytics, and strategic planning to create products that genuinely make a difference.

In my journey, I have led product development for subscription and service-based platforms, improving internal functionality, boosting monthly subscription rates, and enhancing user engagement. One of my proudest achievements is rescuing the development of an audio streaming app by implementing a metric-driven structure that ensures timely delivery through an accelerated development schedule.

I am a firm believer in the power of data. Using data analytics, I’ve developed long-term performance improvement strategies and engagement for technical products and educational services. One of my significant achievements in this domain is transforming a user-based donation platform by establishing an agile methodology and data-driven product metrics within the team.

Leadership and communication have been integral to my professional journey. I have had the privilege of leading teams and collaborating with cross-functional groups, including software engineers, data scientists, and content designers. As an Assistant Principal and an Educational Technology and Social Studies Instructor, I’ve managed to influence the lives of many students while continuously learning and growing in my role.

I am working towards my Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership at New Jersey City University, which is expected to complete in 2025. This journey extends my commitment to leveraging technology to transform the educational landscape and foster a positive, innovative learning environment.

On a personal note, I am fluent in English, Gujarati, and Hindi. This multilingual ability allows me to connect with diverse communities and bring a unique perspective to my work.

Inspired by the words of Steve Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” I strive to innovate and lead in all my endeavors. Whether in education or product management, my goal is to create a positive impact that fosters growth and inspires others.